2019-20 Colby Award Winners Announced

The 2019-20 Colby Award show was held virtually this year by Wheaton Drama on Saturday, November 21, 2020. Named for life member Colby Jones, the Colby Awards honor the contributions of backstage volunteers throughout the season.

Awards were presented to the following:

The Addams Family Musical

Marty Zeurmeulin: Master Carpentry

Susan Hajny: Costumes

Kate McIlvain: Choreography

Amy Brockman: Music Direction

Bruce Ebner & Julie Kanturek: Stage Management

Leah Rae Witt: Assistant Direction & Master Plate Painting

Moonight and Magnolias

Don Dumper: Set Design & Construction

Andy Kanturek: Projection Design

Barb Giblin: Set Decoration

Susan Carr: Set Decoration

Jim Van de Velde: Lighting Design

Jim Quan: Sound Design

Bruce Worthel: Fight Choreography

Merry Mad Mid-Mod

Jake Murphy: Assistant Direction

Susan Hajny: Costumes

Katy Smith: Choreography

Jody Gosain: Props 

Bruce Ebner: Stage Management

Craig Gustafson: Set Decoration

Morgan Dietkus: Set Decoration & Props

Little Women

Andy Kanturek: Projections

Jody Gosain: Props

Bruce Ebner: Set Design

Cindy Lonhart: Costumes

Ruth Fink-Winter: Costumes, Props & Scenery

Jim Martin: Scenic Art Work

Zach Gibson: Understudy Galore & Props

The Bill Hamilton Award – Eileen Gilligan

The Candlelight Award – Debbie Trueblood

Rookie of the Year – Gretchen Gannon

The Icon Award – Barb Giblin

The Alice Burnham Award – Elyse Willis

The Jim Van De Veld Award – Christine Pfenninger

“She’s Got the Whole World in Her Hands” – Patti Shore Kaden

“It’s More than a Job: It’s Family” – Julie Kanturek

“He’s Everywhere! He’s Everywhere!” – Jim Martin

“You are the Music in Me” – Kathleen Dooley