Auditions for A Christmas Carol, the Musical

Auditions for Wheaton Drama’s upcoming production of Christmas Carol, The Musical, directed by Bruce Ebner and Linda Spadlowski, are set for Sunday, September 18 and Monday, September 19 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm, with callbacks Tuesday September 20 @ 7:00pm at:

Wheaton Drama, Inc.
111 N. Hale St.
Wheaton, IL 60187

Please note that this show is non-equity and there is no pay. All people who are cast are required to become members of Wheaton Drama which includes paying a small membership fee. 

Performances for Christmas Carol, The Musical  will take place from Friday, November 25 – Sunday, December 18

  • Fridays at 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. AND 7:30 p.m.
  • Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

Actors are required to be there for all performances.

Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, September 25, and are held five nights a week, Sunday thru Thursday evenings. 

Auditions will consist of a 60-minute block from either 7:00–8:00, 8:00–9:00, or 9:00–10:00. 

Auditioners should come prepared with 30 seconds of a song to perform in the style of the show. Please have a clean copy of the sheet music available for our provided accompanists. No a capella performances will be accepted. 

All auditioners will learn a dance combination. Please dress to move. Women: tap experience is a bonus.


There will be an optional dance workshop on Saturday, September 10 from 1–3 p.m.; this workshop will be repeated on Saturday, September 17 from 1 – 3 p.m. These workshops are offered simply to help you prepare. Please RSVP to attend a dance workshop so that we know how many people to expect by sending an e-mail request titled “Christmas Carol Dance Workshop” to Walk-ins will be admitted if space permits.

Sides will be sent out prior to callbacks as they will NOT be used in the main audition process. If you are asked to join us for callbacks it will consist of scene work, further dance, and music. (All materials for callbacks will either be provided to you prior to the callback or taught to you on the night of.)

To sign up for auditions, please send an e-mail request titled “Christmas Carol Audition” to and list your preference for date and time.  Limited space may mean that we cannot honor your preference but we will do our best. 

To encourage the strength that comes with greater diversity on our stages, all roles are available for consideration. We seek a cast that represents the full diversity of the theater community.

The imaginative theme of the play allows for wide age ranges for actors, however, please note that you must be at least age 8  to audition 

Below is a list of characters in the show (please note that all roles are open for auditions—there are no precast roles). 

  • Ebeneezer Scrooge: A miser with a tragic history who loathes the frivolities of Christmas, and mistrusts gestures of human kindness. Until he sees the error of his ways, he is a greedy and unsympathetic man with no love in his heart. (Male, 45-65 yrs old – Range: A3 – G5)
  • Bob Cratchit: A poor and devoted father and husband who cares deeply for his family, particularly his youngest son. He works hard to provide for them but is undervalued by his employer, Mr. Scrooge. (Male, 30-40 yrs old – Range: A3 – E5)
  • Jacob Marley: A tortured soul and Scrooge’s former business partner who returns as a ghost in chains to warn Scrooge of how his life decisions will bind him in the afterlife. (Male, 45-55 yrs old – Range: A3 – A5)
  • Blind Old Hag/Ghost of Christmas Future: A beautiful, terrifying, wraith; the Ghost of Christmas Future is a strong and silent specter who shows Scrooge the shadows of what may be if he continues to pursue his current path (Male/Female, 50-65 yrs old – Range: A3 – G5)
  • Lamplighter /Ghost of Christmas Past: An ever cheerful and sprightly ghost who uses the history book of Scrooge’s past to revisit scenes from his childhood and youth in order to illuminate the cause of his degeneration. (Male/Female, 40-60 yrs old – Range: A3 – G5)
  • Sandwich-Board Carrier/Ghost of Christmas Present: A jovial, larger-than-life ghost who shows Scrooge all the joy, love, and celebration that the Christmas season inspires in the residents of London including those he has failed to appreciate. (Male/Female, 35-45 yrs old – Range: A3 – G5)
  • Tiny Tim: Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit’s youngest son. He is crippled and very ill but he is hopeful and embodies the Christmas spirit. He constantly reminds his family that as long as they all have each other, they will be happy. (Male, 8-12 yrs old – Range: A3 – E5)
  • Fred Anderson: Scrooge’s nephew and only living relative. He is a pleasant and generous young man who believes in the joy of Christmas and holds goodwill towards all men. (Male, 25-35 yrs old – Range: A3 – F5)
  • Mrs. Cratchit: Tiny Tim’s mother and wife to Bob Cratchit. She is a loving mother who tries to provide the best for her children and is fiercely devoted to her husband. (Female, 30-40 yrs old – Range: A3 – E5)
  • Mr. Fezziwig/Ensemble: A portly, jolly man who was Scrooge’s first employer and mentor. He has a warm heart and a generous nature and annually invites his community to celebrate Christmas together. He becomes deeply disappointed in the man Scrooge chooses to be as he matures. (Male, 55-65 yrs old – Range: A3 – B5)
  • Mrs. Fezziwig/Ensemble: The consummate hostess and wife to Mr. Fezziwig. She is a proud woman and consummate hostess who shares her husband’s love of the holidays and knows how to throw a good party. (Female, 50-60 yrs old – Range: A3 – A5)
  • Emily/Ensemble: Scrooge’s first love and former fiancé. She is a kind hearted and beautiful girl who does not care for material possessions and is deeply troubled by Scrooge’s growing obsession with money. (Female, 18-25 yrs old – Range: A3 – B5)
  • Ensemble: 9 Adults (6M/3F) Mr. Smythe, Beadle, Charity Man 1, Charity Man 2, Old Joe, Fezziwig, Sally, Mrs. Fezziwig, Mrs. Mops
  • Ensemble: 10 Children ages 8-18 (5F/5M) Grace Smythe, Fan, Martha, Emily, Ignorance, Want, Jonathan, Child Scrooge, Young Marley, Young Scrooge
  • Ensemble players may play multiple roles including: Ghosts, Elves, Monks, Jailers, Carolers, Charity Men, Undertakers Street Vendors, Angels, Acolytes, Child Workers, Party Guests,