Auditions for Holmes & Watson

Wheaton Drama is pleased to announce auditions for Holmes & Watson by Jeffrey Hatcher (Edgar Award nominee, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2009), Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Suicide Club (2012)). Holmes & Watson is a thrilling NEW mystery set in the years following Sherlock Holmes’s infamous disappearance at Reichenbach Falls. As his body was never recovered, a wide array of con artists, swindlers and frauds have come forward, claiming to be the missing Holmes. The arduous task falls to the ever-reliable Dr. John Watson to evaluate these wild claims and determine which of them, if any, could truly be the lost detective.


Holmes & Watson will be performed January 20, 2023–February 12, 2023. Show times are Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30pm, Sundays at 2:00pm.


Auditions will be held on Sunday, November 13 & Monday, November 14 from 7:00p to 9:30p at the theatre, 111 N. Hale Street, Wheaton. If needed, callbacks will be conducted on Tuesday, November 15 by invitation only. Auditions are by appointment at 10-minute intervals, but walk-ins will be heard if time permits.


To reserve an audition time, please go to H&W SignUpGenius and select an available audition slot. Audition forms can be found here, you can download a copy to edit. Please send completed forms to, or bring the completed form with you to your audition, including any/all prospective conflict dates. First auditions will consist of any contemporary monologue of the auditionee’s choosing (please avoid Shakespeare), from 1:30 to two minutes in length, in the style of the show and without accent. Auditioners may also be asked to perform cold reads of script selections at the director’s discretion. Callbacks will consist of readings from the script (which will be distributed along with callback invitations) with accents. The primary accents for most roles in this show will be Received Pronunciation (RP) English, Irish, and Scottish. We will do our best to accommodate scheduling conflicts.


All roles are available. Auditioners should note that, while character portrayal will be adhering to written genders, all roles are open to actors of any gender identity; all roles are also open to actors of any ethnicity:


Dr. John Watson – Sherlock’s former partner and closest thing to a confidant. Dr. Watson is a retired military field doctor who now runs a civilian surgery, and used his training and experience to help solve cases. Having already seen dozens of faux-Sherlocks, it is now once again his responsibility to determine if any of the three psychiatric patients could be his missing friend.

Dr. Evans – The terse and enigmatic proprietor of the asylum. Finding himself unable to confirm the identities of his patients on his own, he has invited Dr. Watson to the asylum to assist in his investigation.

Orderly** – An assistant to Dr. Evans. The Orderly is primarily responsible for the transportation and containment of the patients.

Matron** – Another assistant to Dr. Evans. Cold and distant, it’s difficult to discern the Matron’s feelings surrounding this investigation.

Patient 1** – First Imposter. This patient most-closely resembles the traditional character of Sherlock Holmes both physically and in manner. He bears no indication that any time has passed since Holmes’s disappearance at Reichenbach. Abrupt, almost rude, but charismatic and inquisitive.

Patient 2** – Second Imposter. More disheveled than the first, but still bearing a striking resemblance to Sherlock Holmes. His mannerisms match his weathered exterior, more skeptical of the goings-on around him, nearing paranoia.

Patient 3** – Third Imposter. Though thin and gaunt with a shaved head, he too bears a resemblance to Sherlock Holmes. Disinterested and unresponsive.


** – Based on audition results, actors cast in these roles may also be asked to portray any of the following: Moriarty, Inspector, The Woman, The Client, and Signor Fontanesca.


During your audition prep, the director encourages all potential auditioners to consider as many roles as possible. Remember, this is a Sherlock mystery! There is more to every character than it may seem at first glance, and your time is as valuable to us as it is to you.

The Holmes & Watson creative team includes Kevin Loeper, Erin McIntyre, Randy Knott, and others. A Fight Choreographer and a Dialect Coach have been secured for this production.