2010 Season Kick-Off Party – a Rip-Roarin’ Good Time!

Wheaton Drama members saddled up for an evening of food and fun with family and friends at the Wild West Kickoff Party on August 28, 2010. The weather was perfect and the food bountiful. The evening was exactly what our volunteers needed to fortify them for the many exciting adventures on the 2010-2011 season trail. Yeehaw! For those who missed the event (or somehow don’t remember what happened that night), Steve Merkel has provided a photographic record of the events.

Get on in and grab some grub!
"Get on in and grab some grub!" the hostess(es) implored....
The grub
...and so much grub there was! The people were floored.
Happy president
Our president smiled...
guests chat
...and the guests, they were witty. But as the evening wore on, things began to get...
Sound setup
Wherefore didst the karaoke appear? Perhaps the answer is sitting right here. (Or, perhaps, it came from the beer...)
shucking corn
These captions pay tribute to the food of the day...
...and if you missed the party, we love you anyway!
Good night!
So good-night party, good-night friends. Good-night corn...

…and HELLO, 2010-2011 SEASON!