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Wheaton Drama is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit Performing Arts organization. Your tax-deductible donations are always appreciated. You can donate online, through our ticketing partner. Or, you can mail a donation to our theatre at: Patron Support, Wheaton Drama, Inc., 111 N. Hale St., Wheaton, IL 60187.

Monetary donations can be given for the general upkeep and day-to-day service of the theatre, or earmarked for particular use.

Donations to WDI have enabled us to:

  • Expand our stage and audience seating
  • Upgrade the lighting, sound, and technology
  • Provide sign language interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Fund specific productions that may have otherwise been financially unattainable
  • And so much more

Your donation to Wheaton Drama not only keeps a community of local artists learning and growing in their crafts, but enables the sharing of that creativity with our community at large. Thank you for being a part of keeping theater alive and well in the western suburbs!

Three Ways to Donate

Any amount gifted for the general upkeep and good of the theatre

Specific contribution levels, recognized with gratitude in our programs and on our website (see Levels of Donor Support below)

Any amount given in remembrance of a loved one to support the theatre in general or to be directed for a specific purpose

Levels of Donor Support

Any amount of donation to Wheaton Drama is welcome—and greatly appreciated. Below are our donors who have given at a levels of generosity that are recognized with thanks on our website and in our programs for each show.

Distinguished Benefactor $200+

  • Mike & Evelyn Boyna/Walsh
  • Betty Bradshaw
  • Kathleen & Shawn Dooley
  • Brenda Easter
  • Jackie Haiser
  • Gwen & Chet Henry
  • Terra Costa Howard
  • Kent Kupcho & Georgia Hamilton
  • Gil & Lola Lehman
  • Joe & Joan Morrissey
  • Lisa Savegnago
  • Christian & Gabby Schelthoff
  • James & Patricia Vary
  • Elizabeth & William Werth
  • Leslie & Mary Wiberg

Angel $100–$199

  • Stan & Jean Austin
  • Susan Carr
  • Mary Culhane
  • Donald & Cay Fischer
  • Ben & Lois Heaton
  • John Herndon
  • Charmaine Jones
  • Susan Knisely
  • Bill & Sharon Knott
  • Randy Knott
  • Joni Kotche
  • Karin Kramer
  • Steve Merkel
  • Shelia Morgan
  • Jay & Melissa Pauer
  • Mike & Sue Rohl
  • Mary Sutherland
  • Mary Szyszka
  • Jennifer Tamborski
  • John Vinopal
  • Julie Wennersten
  • West Suburban Bank
  • Shirley Woods
  • Kathleen Yosko

Cherub $40–$99

  • Stan & Donna Boyd
  • Craig & Rita Christensen
  • Gary Clousing
  • Corrine & Bill Davis
  • Bill Donaldson
  • Lynn Doran
  • Joanne East
  • Ed Thomas & Jenna Eisenberg
  • Richard Eitel
  • Marge Elfstrom
  • Jayne & Chuck Gaw
  • Barbara Giblin
  • Bill & Eileen Gilligan
  • Dee Hicks
  • Richard Hrdlicka
  • Wally & Sharon Kulbeda
  • Charles Lewis
  • Jim Martin
  • Martha McMillen
  • Barbara Oberg
  • Charles & Ruth Ochs
  • Rose Powell
  • Theresa Puchley
  • Mary Rehberger
  • Elizabeth Robertson
  • Susan & Jerry Schurmeier
  • David Schweitzer
  • Cindy Sennese
  • Bob & Carol Shaffer
  • Grace Tampa
  • Lisa Wallace
  • Jeanne Whiting