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Privacy Policy

Wheaton Drama does not routinely collect information from visitors.  This site does not employ cookies.  Some areas of this site may be, or become, private and accessible only to members of Wheaton Drama.  A minimal amount of data (name and email address) will be required from users for entry into these areas.  From time to time, we may collect referrer URL data to find out how many visitors we really get when we advertise.

Wheaton Drama may link to other sites which do employ cookies or other tracking methods. We take no responsibility for their actions.  External links are governed by the Privacy Policies of their host sites.

Terms of Use

Wheaton Drama intends for this website to be used for informational and entertainment purposes, primarily to convince you to come see our shows.  We make no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information on this site, although we do try to do our best.  All images and text herein are copyright Wheaton Drama, Inc., unless otherwise noted.