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There are so many ways to become involved in Wheaton Drama – on stage and off. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our theatre – from helping us plan and manage the future of Wheaton Drama, to all the jobs associated with putting on productions – we rely on our volunteer members.

What are the volunteer opportunities?

Production Staff

Help us put on great shows! We produce 5 major productions a year. Volunteers are need on stage on off. Get involved!

  • Set Construction & Design: Whether you can lead the crew, or just swing a hammer, many hands make for light work!
  • Set Decoration: Handy with a paint brush? Know how to add a sense of style or drama? Help create a mood or period in time for all of our productions.
  • Lights & Sounds: Working with some of the latest technology, every show needs a crew of wizards to light each scene and bring the sounds of the show to life.
  • Props: Help create and procure the props used by actors on stage, while working off stage to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Costumes: From design and crew leadership to hands to sew, a crew is needed to bring costumes to life before and through the run of a show.
  • Stage Management: Those with more experience run all the behind the scenes work to coordinate all the cues to bring a show to life each night.
  • House (Ushering): Greet and seat our guests, serve refreshments at intermission, and simply be our ambassadors of good cheer.
  • Directors: Lead the artistic interpretation and creative vision of our productions.
  • Actors: Perform in one of our productions – Audition information can be found here
  • Producer: Serve as the chief administrator of each production. From auditions to crew selection to final performances, the producer oversees and problem-solves. Not a job for new members, but shadowing a seasoned producer is a great way to start.

Operating Staff

Help us run a successful, vibrant theatre!

  • Ticket Sales, Sponsors and Playbills: Help us run our box office – whether responding to customer request by phone, helping us maintain our online ticket sales, finding sponsors to support our theatre, and creating the programs for each show.
  • Play / Musical Reading: Help us find good plays and musicals to present. If you’re a regular theatre goer and love to read, consider being part of this committee. Volunteer members are welcome request to participate, and a committee is chosen by Board of Governors.
  • Advertising, Publicity and Social Media: Help us tell our communities about our theatre! From leading teams, to writing content, to handing out flyers, we need your help.
  • Housekeeping, building maintenance and related functions: From leading the maintenance of our building and infrastructure, to changing lightbulbs and making sure or lobby is clean, it takes a village to help keep our theatre in shape.
  • Membership and social committees: If you like helping others find their passions and enjoy creating fun, social times together, join one of these teams.
  • Board of Governors: Even the leadership of our theatre is made up of volunteers. Seasoned members can ask to be nominated, and our volunteer leaders are elected by our membership.

Become a member  today, and volunteer to help make our theatre and even better part of your community!