A Bit of Drowsy Chaperone Nostalgia….

Been missing The Drowsy Chaperone experience? Here’s a little pictoral memoir for your web-surfing enjoyment…

Crew of The Drowsey Chaperone
Special thanks to the crew of The Drowsy Chaperone - they worked hard to make this happen!
The Cast of The Drowsy Chaperone
The fantastically talented cast of The Drowsy Chaperone featured some of the usual suspects, as well as some new faces...
The Man in the Chair
Stuart Vance introduced us all to The Drowsy Chaperone at the top of the show...
Susan in her pretty dress
"But why am I wearing my pretty dress?" "Because there's a wedding, madam." (Susan Able Barry and Harold LeBoyer)
Feldzeig and two gangsters
Um, Feldzeig, those aren't really bakers.... (Dennis Paul, Lars Timpa, Mark Mocarski)
Kitty and the gangsters
"Have you ever been in a coma?" "No, but I've got an aunt in Seattle!" (front: Dennis Paul, Angelicque Cate, Mark Mocarski. back: Lars Timpa)
Cast and Sara Malloy
"I don't wanna show off no more!" Janet claims, unconvincingly. (center: Sara Malloy. Around, from left: Harold LeBoyer, Harmony Barry, Katie Follman, Zach Gibson, Mark Mocarski, Dennis Paul, Ron Fletcher, Amy Royle, Susan Able Barry, Lars Timpa, Angelicque Cate)
The tap dance scene
Who could forget Andrew Dameron and Garrett Ard in that tap dance?
The real drowsy chaperone take the stage
The Drowsy Chaperone herself muscles her way to the center of the stage with a rousing tribute to alcohol. (Pam Turlow, Sara Malloy)
Robert Martin skates in to the scene
A blindfolded bridegroom on rollerskates and a nervous bride... What could possibly go wrong? (Stuart Vance, Andrew Dameron, Sara Malloy)
Steve chews the scenery
"Aldolpho is here to make love to the bride! Are chyooo the bride?" (Pam Turlow, Steve Schroeder)
She put a monkey on a pedestal
You can put a monkey on a pedestal, but he still won't fly....
four weddings and a plane
In the end, they all live happily ever after. Well, no, actually we only know that four couples get married and everyone flies off on the largest honeymoon ever....