Little Women: a Picture-Perfect Holiday Show

The cast and crew of Little Women would like to send you a holiday newsletter, full of glad tidings for the season and news about the March family…

Dearest Friends,

It has been so long since we last enjoyed your company! We do hope you’ll stop by and see us during this holiday season. We trust that you are well, and in good spirits.  As a picture may speak volumes, we thought to send you our photographs so to keep us in your thoughts.

Yours Truly,

the Little Women

Marmee and the March Girls
Marmee and her girls have had some trying times, but the family remains strong. (Center: Linda Timpa. Clockwise: Melissa Rosenberg, Nikki Wilson, Kelly Lamich, Traci A. Cidlik)
Mr. and Mrs. March
Mother and Father are well. (Linda Timpa, Zach Gibson)
Jo rolls her eyes at Mr. Brooke and Meg
Our Meg has made quite the respectable match with Mr. Brooke! We do hope Jo will understand when she's a bit older. (Traci Cidlik, Jonas Davidow, Melissa Rosenberg)
Aunt March shakes her finger at Meg
Aunt March has been so generously been giving her wisdom and guidance to the girls. (Dee Hicks, Meg Rosenberg)
Aunt March derides Marmee
Truly, she is never too tired to share her advice with anyone. She inspires us all. (Dee Hicks, Linda Timpa)
Marmee bids Amy and Teddy adieu
Our Amy is looking so grown up! And hasn't Teddy grown into quite the gentleman? (Linda Timpa, Chris Milburn, Kelly Lamich)
Family gathered around Beth
Mr. Laurence visits regularly. He's been so good to our family. (Standing: Keith Log, Linda Timpa, Traci Cidlik, Zach Gibson. Seated: Nikki Wilson, Melissa Rosenberg)
The twins
Everyone is delighted with the new additions to the family. (Jonas Davidow, Chris Milburn, Linda Timpa)
Jo and Beth, by couch
Jo and Beth have grown so close, and Jo has taken such good care of our Beth during her illness. (Traci Cidlik, Nikki Wilson)
the March girls and their partners
In the end, all three of our girls have made wonderful and well-suited matches. We couldn't be more proud of our little women! (Daniel Scobey, Traci Cidlik, Chris Milburn, Kelly Lamich, Jonas Davidow, Melissa Rosenberg)
The cast of Little Women
Seasons Greetings from from the Cast of Little Women...
The crew of Little Women
...and Best Wishes from the crew!