All My Sons – All over the news!

All My Sons is getting quite a bit of news attention – no mean feat during an election season! Here are some of the articles about the show, the actors, and the theatrical process.

American Classic Opens March 25th at Wheaton Drama – background on the play, it’s historical context, and an interview with the director.

Rolling Meadows Actress Dianne Wawrzyniak: Tackling the “Elephant in the Living Room” – an interview with Dianne, discussing her role in All My Sons and her philosophies as an actress

Sean Ogren: Acting’s a Family Affair – an interview with Sean about his upbringing in a theatrical household and his excitement about his role in All My Sons

March Projects at Wheaton Drama – Preliminary comments from Director Marge Uhlarik-Boller on All My Sons

Behind the Scenes at Wheaton Drama: “Building All My Sons” – not only does this cover the building of another very impressive set, but the author managed to sneak in introductions to many of the crew members.

Wheaton Drama Rehearsing Next Show – if you’ve never heard of All My Sons, this article provides an excellent overview.

Wheaton Drama takes on Miller play ‘All My Sons’ – written for Sun-Times Media by Randall G. Mielke, this is an interview with director Marge Uhlarik-Boller about her views on the show and on directing, as well as an introduction to the plot.

Glancer Magazine, Entertainment – an editorial introducing the show and the director.

What’s Playing in Chicago theatres – a marquee.

Articles, unless otherwise noted, were either written or prompted by Jo-Ann Ledger. (Don’t ever believe her if she tells you she’s not doing anything!) Interviews with Dianne Wawrzyniak and Sean Ogren were compiled by Peter Lemongelli.