It’s 1776 at Wheaton Drama

1776 is open. It looks great, it sounds great, and by gosh, it is pretty darn great! But don’t take my word for it – we’ve got pictures to show you, and you can judge for yourself how it looks. If you want to really know how it sounds, though, you’re going to have to buy tickets.

Chase eating kidney pie
"Kidney pie?!" (Zach Gibson, Sean Ogren)
Cool, Considerate Gentlemen
Cool, Considerate Gentlemen (Calen Sjogren, Jamie Sandoval, Jay Goldberg, Stan Austin, Steve Blount, Craig Gustafson, Joe Bilquist, Garrett Ard)
The Lees of Old Virginia
"Here a Lee! There a Lee! Everywhere a Lee, a Lee!" (Daniel Baggott-Miller, Sean Ogren, Peter Lemongelli)
No more rum for Rhode Island...
"But you can't do that!" (Brent Richardson, Dave Lichty)
Adams and Dickenson fight
"Coward!" "Madman!" "Landlord!" "Lawyer!" (front: Sean Ogren, Caleb Sjorgren. Back: Joe Bilquist, Jaime Sandoval, Jay Goldberg)
Ceasar Rodney collapses
"Is it the cancer?" (front: Lars Timpa, Joe Maier, Jay Goldberg. behind: Stan Austin, Dave Lichty, Brent Richardson, Keith Aarseth, Joe Bilquist, Sean Ogren, Jaime Sandoval, Calen Sjogren, Peter Lemongelli, Garrett Ard.)
Some women send odd gifts...
"What's this, madam?" (Sean Ogren, Jean Austin)
Rutledge sings out in favor of slavery
"Molasses ... to rum .. to slaves!" (front: Garrett Ard. back: Sean Ogren, Joe Bilquist, Caleb Sjorgren, Jamie Sandoval, Jay Goldberg.)
Who will write the declaration?
"I am obnoxious and dislike." "I know." (Randy Knott, Sean Ogren, Stan Austin, Daniel Baggott-Miller, Andy Kanturek)
The courier sings about life in the army
"Mama, look sharp for me..." (front: Christian Johnson. back: Jack Dentinger, R.J. Ogren.)
The arrival of Mrs. Jefferson
"Do you think they're going to... In the middle of the afternoon?!" (Daniel Baggott-Miller, Sean Ogren, Randy Knott, Kimberly Baker)
New York has abstained (courteously)
'Mister Morris! What the hell goes on in New York?!" (Stan Austin, Craig Gustafson, Dave Amato, Tony Kortas, R. J. Ogren, Brent Richardson)
Adams loses patience... Again.
"Now sign it!" (front: Sean Ogren, Garrett Ard. back: Peter Lemongelli, Jay Goldberg, Jack Dentinger)
Franklin tries to persuade Wilson
"We musn't let Dr. Franklin create one of his confusions..." (Daniel Baggott-Miller, Jamie Sandoval, Caleb Sjogren, Jack Dentinger)
Jefferson hasn't finished his homework on time.
"Is this all you've written?!" (Sean Ogren, Randy Knott)
cast photo
The entire cast of 1776 - my goodness, there's a lot of them!
crew photo
And the crew... (front: Bill Rush, Chuck Berglund, Harmony Barry. middle: Katie Kanturek, Traci Cidlik, Donna Fletcher, Jen Neidl, Melissa Heischberg, Bruce Ebner, Amy Johnson. back: Jo-Ann Ledger, Preston Krenicki, Zach Gibson, Jim Van de Velde, Steve Merkel, Tracy Adams, Ben Aylesworth, Mike Boyna)

Photos courtesy of Ken Beach and Steve Merkel.