Picasso Starboard

Have you seen Picasso at the Lapin Agile yet? Well, why not? Haven’t you heard all the great things audiences are saying? The fact that this is a Steve Martin comedy isn’t enough to get you into the theater? Maybe some pictures will get your attention….

Picasso Starboard
The Picasso Starboard, right here, right now. Don't wait till you get to the lobby to see it! (Photos courtesy of Ken Beach, Starboard design by Craig Gustafson.)

Buy your tickets right now, and we are prepared to offer the show in full, high-definition 3D with life-like surround-sound! That’s because it’s live, folks, allowing us to offer you a visual experience so real that it puts Avatar to shame. No weird cardboard glasses required!

Think the deal can’t get any better? Just wait! We’ll throw in free air-conditioning during the show! At 10$ a ticket, it’s cheaper than a movie and louder than a library!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wheaton Drama website…