A little “Dirty Rotten” rehearsal fun

A¬†look at some talented “Scoundrels”¬†rehearsing¬†Wheaton Drama’s¬†upcoming musical comedy. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels opens May 25, 2012. Tickets are available right on this website. How about that for convenience?

Jennifer Myers¬†shows how it’s done in “Oklahoma?”¬†¬†If you know the¬†song, you know why¬†Rob Reinalda¬†looks amused! Note: This is not your grandma’s musical, but if she’s a bit naughty and loves to laugh, it could be!¬†Photo by Steven Merkel.

Ken Kaden,  Zach Gibson and Rob Reinalda rehearse. Photo by Steven Merkel.

Michelle Ho,¬†Suzanne Compton, Pam Turlow, Julie Rodgers-Baker, and Charmaine Jones rehearse a¬†number.¬†R.J. Ogren’s scenic work is looking good, too! Photo by Steven Merkel.