2012-2013 Membership Form

It’s that time of year again! To renew your WDI membership, download the the form today!

Amy Johnson says:

The time for the Membership drive is here again! Here is what I need you to do.
1. Please print out the attached membership form.
2. Check off the correct type of membership. Write your name on the form.
3. IF NOTHING has changed, just turn the sheet in with your membership dues!
If something has changed, only fill in the changes on the appropriate lines and then turn it in on with your membership dues.
4. Mail or bring your membership dues and form to WDI by September 18.

That’s it! Very easy. I would like to be able to hand out the directories by the next meeting in October so your prompt and quick attention to this matter is important. Thank you for all of your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact me at: 630-779-5731 or at email: [email protected]

See you around the Playhouse!

2012-2013 Membership Form (ms word)

2012-2013 Membership Form (pdf)