Updated Audition Announcement for “Into the Woods”

UPDATED 3/3/13

Wheaton Drama, Inc. (WDI) announces auditions for its 2012-2013 season closer, Into the Woods. This classic Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine musical examines the world of fairy tales in a way which is funny, dramatic and thought-provoking. The original Broadway production won three Tony¬ģ Awards, including Best Score and Best Book of a Musical.

Craig Gustafson is directing. Rebecca Poole is the production manager. Music Director is Matthew McGrath. Assistant Directors are Stan Austin, Shahni Barstatis, and Bruce Ebner. Tracy Adams is the Choreographer.

We have added another audition date.¬† AUDITION APPOINTMENTS WILL BE TAKEN FOR SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 16.¬† This is the final addition to the audition appointment schedule. All slots for the original audition dates (Saturday afternoon, March 16, Sunday, March 17, and Wednesday, March 20) are full.¬†Email¬†[email protected] for an appointment.¬†¬†

 In order to best utilize the time of actors auditioning for Into the Woods, auditions are by appointment only. The process is as follows:

1. Actors will be scheduled for March 16.

2. Actors will be assigned a call time.

3. Actors will be assigned to a group and will spend 20 minutes in the singing audition and 20 minutes in the reading audition. There will be no dance audition; this is not a heavy dance show.  Everyone who attends will get to read.

4. Those cast or called back will be called by noon on Thursday. Actors who are not cast or called back will be contacted by e-mail. Callbacks (or further auditions, if needed) will be on Thursday, March 21.

To schedule an appointment, please email [email protected]. Please state your name and that you would like to audition March 16. Attaching a headshot and resume is acceptable but is not required. Details on what you need to sing and read will be given to you when your appointment is scheduled.

 For a synopsis of the show, visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Into_the_Woods

 Character Breakdown

(Character ages listed are guidelines only.  If you’re not that age, but you want a part, convince us.  HOWEVER: Jack and Little Red must be at least 16.  We are not casting any younger than 16.)

 CINDERELLA: A young, earnest maiden who is constantly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.
Female, 20-30 yrs old
Range: G3 РG5  
CINDERELLA’S MOTHER: Deceased with her soul guarding and aiding her daughter from a tree.  (This part will be doubled [or tripled] with the Giant and Little Red’s Grandmother.)
Female, 40-55 yrs old
Range: E4 РF4  
CINDERELLA’S PRINCE: Vain and gorgeous, he is a disloyal lover who is currently searching for the next new, exciting thing.
Male, 25-40 yrs old
Range: B2 РF4  
CINDERELLA’S STEPMOTHER: The mean-spirited, demanding stepmother of Cinderella.
Female, 40-50 yrs old
Range: A3 РF#5  
FLORINDA and LUCINDA:  Cinderella’s stepsisters who are black of heart. They follow in their mother’s footsteps of abusing Cinderella.
Female, 20-35 yrs old
Range: C4 РAb5  
¬†GIANT: Voiceover. The Giant‚Äôs wife is an angry and vengeful ‚Äėmonster.‚Äô She is seeking restitution for her loss. ¬†(This part will be doubled [or tripled] with Cinderella‚Äôs Mother and Little Red‚Äôs Grandmother.)
Female, 35-60 yrs old
Speaking Role  
JACK: The feckless Giant killer who is ‚Äėalmost a man.‚Äô He is adventurous, naive, energetic, and bright-eyed.
Male, 18-30 yrs old
Range: B2 РG4  
JACK’S MOTHER: Browbeating and weary, Jack’s protective mother who is independent, bold, and strong-willed.
Female, 50-65 yrs old
Range: Bb3 РGb5  
LITTLE RED RIDINGHOOD: A spoiled young girl who is strong-willed, quick-witted, fearless, yet youthful and naive.
Female, 16-20 yrs old
Range: Bb3 РF5  
MYSTERIOUS MAN: A mischievous vagrant and nosy meddler. He is a good-natured protector and observer. (Doubled with Narrator.)
Male, 30-65 yrs old
Range: G2 РEb4  
NARRATOR: An intellectual and pleasant story-teller who helps to orchestrate the show and illustrate lessons to the audience. (Doubled with Mysterious Man.)
Male, 30-65 yrs old
Range: G2 РE4  
RAPUNZEL: A loopy-but-lovely maiden who is sheltered by the Witch and terribly lonely. She yearns to experience the world.
Female, 20-30 yrs old
Range: B3 РA5  
RAPUNZEL’S PRINCE: Just as vain and gorgeous as his Prince brother, he is always chasing the newest, most exciting endeavor.
Male, 25-40 yrs old
Range: C#3 РE4  
THE BAKER: A harried and insecure baker who is simple and loving, yet protective of his family. He wants his wife to be happy and is willing to do anything to ensure her happiness but refuses to let others fight his battles.
Male, 25-45 yrs old
Range: Ab2 РG4  
THE BAKER’S WIFE: Determined and bright woman who wishes to be a mother. She leads a simple, yet satisfying life and is very low-maintenance yet proactive in her endeavors.
Female, 25-45 yrs old
Range: F3 РG5  
THE WITCH: Sarcastic, ugly-then-gorgeous, obsessive protector of Rapunzel who is straightforward and aggressive.
Female, 30-55 yrs old
Range: F3 РG5  
WOLF: Hungry and insatiable hunter who takes advantage of the weak by misleading and captivating his prey.  (This part will probably be doubled with either the Steward or Rapunzel’s Prince.)
Male, 25-35 yrs old
Range: Bb2 РGb4  
STEWARD: Pompous, snippy, bootlicking servant to Cinderella’s Prince.
Male, 25-45 yrs old
Range: ? 
LITTLE RED’S GRANDMOTHER: A rather blood-thirsty old lady.  (This part will be doubled [or tripled] with Cinderella’s Mother and the Giant.)
Female, 35-60 yrs old
Range: ?  

Performances of Into the Woods are May 17 through June 9, 2013. Shows are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. Tickets are $21 each, except Thursdays, which have a special price of $18 per ticket. Into the Woods is presented by special arrangement with Musical Theatre International.

Also playing in WDI’s current season is Full Circle (March 15-April 7; no show Easter Sunday).  The proposed 2013-2014 season includes Lend Me a Tenor, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians), Steel Magnolias, and The Music Man.  2013-2014 season director applications are due February 28, 2013.

Show tickets and information available at www.wheatondrama.org or call 630-260-1820. Follow on Twitter at WDIpublicity.