Auditions for “Romeo & Juliet”

Wheaton Drama, Inc. announces auditions for the 2013 Summer Studio Show, Romeo & Juliet. This exciting adaptation by Jeni Dees is set in modern-day New Orleans and is a gritty, passionate, rock-and-roll fueled take on William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.

Jeni Dees ([email protected]) is directing, assisted by Jo-Ann Ledger. Jackie Haiser is the production manager.

The director encourages all shapes, sizes and ethnicities to audition. Tattoos, piercings, and interesting hair are encouraged, especially for the Montague gang.

Auditions are at 7pm on Sunday, April 28 and at 7pm on Monday, April 29, 2013. Auditions will take place in the basement of Wheaton Drama’s Playhouse 111, 111 N. Hale Street, Wheaton, IL 60187. No audition appointments are needed.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Those auditioning are strongly encouraged to read the William Shakespeare play before auditioning. This adaptation features Shakespeare’s language and characters (with some modifications).

These are non-Equity auditions. There is no pay. Those cast will be required to pay a nominal fee for Wheaton Drama membership. Newcomers are welcomed and membership status does not affect casting.

Roles to be cast:

Fortune Teller: 20-60 female. The through-line of the play. She speaks the prologue, center and epilogue as well as playing multiple characters throughout, all trying to stop Romeo and Juliet’s fate. Characters may include a party guest, student of the Friar, and the Apothecary. She stays on stage for the entire play and will need stamina and some improv skills.

Sampson: 20-30 male. Smart mouth of the Capulet gang. Stage combat experience a plus

Gloria (Gregory): 20-30 female. Capulet gang member and friend of Juliet. Stage combat experience a plus.

Abraham: 20-30 male. Comedian friend of Romeo/Montague gang. Can be heavier set. Stage combat a plus.

Balthasar: 20-30 male. Skate punk friend of Romeo/Montague gang. Stage combat experience a plus. Willingness to temporarily change hair color a plus as well. Tattoos and piercings are great. Must be comfortable kissing on stage.

Benvolia: Changed from Benvolio. 20-30 female cousin and best friend of Romeo. The BEST fighter in New Orleans. Hand-to-hand and armed combat skills necessary, but can be taught to the right actress. Punk rock style, but can also look feminine. She and Mercutio fall in love.

Tybalt: 20-30 male. Juliet’s cousin. Angry young man, hates all Montagues and is willing to fight at the drop of a hat. Hand-to-hand and armed stage combat necessary, but can train the right actor.

Capulet: 40-60 male. Juliet’s hotheaded father. Hates all Montagues.

Lady Capulet: 30-50 female. Juliet‚Äôs mother. Wants the best for her daughter. Very ‚ÄúHousewife of New Orleans‚ÄĚ society woman.

Montague: 40-60 male. Romeo’s father. Shady businessman. Hates all Capulets

Lady Montague: 30-50 female. Romeo’s mother. A big fan of prescription medication.

Prince: 30-60 male. The Police Chief or Mayor of New Orleans. Very strong authority figure.

Romeo: 20-30 male. The fated young lover. He partakes in illicit substances quite often, until he meets Juliet. Scruffy and rough around the edges, tattoos and piercings encouraged. Hand to hand and armed weapon combat necessary, but willing to train.

Mercutio: 20-30 male. Member of Montague gang. Dealer of illicit substances and overall larger-than-life character. Hand-to-hand and armed combat necessary; tattoos, and piercings encouraged.

Paris: 20-30 male. Clean-cut suitor of Juliet. Nice guy, just not the guy for her.

William: 13-15 male. Tybalt’s brother. He has lines and will fight. He adores Tybalt and follows him everywhere. Tybalt dies in his arms.

Young Montague: 13-15 male. Nephew of the Montagues. Tags along with the gang and fights.

Nurse: 40-60 female. Juliet’s larger-than-life nursemaid and confidant. Supplies some comic relief.

Juliet: 20-30 female. The fated young lover. She is street smart and has common sense. She knows what she wants.

Friar Laurence: 40-60 male. Romeo’s religious confidant. Good-hearted and tries to make peace.

Peter: 20-30 male. House manager of the Capulet home. Exasperated employee overseen by the Nurse.

Police Officers (2): 20-40 male or female. Keepers of the peace. They can also double as party guests and street performers at the top of the show. Must be able to lift a body.

Apothecary: Any age female. The drug dealer that seals Romeo’s fate. More than likely will double with the Fortune Teller or another role.

Friend to Juliet: 20-30 female. Party guest and friend of Juliet. May also fight. Hooks up with a Montague at the party so must be comfortable kissing on stage.

Rosaline: 20-30 female. The object of Romeo’s affections at the top of the show and friend of Juliet’s. She appears in the opening, the party and throughout the play.

We are also looking for ‚Äústreet performer‚ÄĚ types that would appear in the opening of the show and perhaps throughout. These can be jugglers, trumpet, sax or fiddle players, tap dancers, etc. If possible, we will double you as a character in the show.

Performances of Romeo & Juliet will be June 28 at 8pm, June 29 at 8pm, June 30 at 3pm, July 5 at 8pm, July 6 at 8pm, and July 7 at 3pm at Playhouse 111, 111 N. Hale Street in downtown Wheaton. Tickets are $10 each. Seating is General Admission.

Wheaton Drama closes the 2012-2013 season with Into the Woods, performed May 17 through June 9. The 2013-2014 season includes Lend Me a Tenor, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians), Steel Magnolias, and The Music Man. Additional shows include a musical cabaret (2013 Summer Fundraiser) and It’s A Wonderful Life – Radio Show (2013 Holiday Fundraiser).

Show tickets and information at this website, or call 630-260-1820. Publicity contact: [email protected]. Follow on Twitter at WDIpublicity.