Auditions: It’s a Wonderful Life

Director Sean Ogren will conduct auditions for Wheaton Drama’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” Radio Show,
Tony Palermo’s adaptation of the classic Frank Capra film.
Auditions will be at Playhouse 111 one night only: Sunday, Sept. 22, starting at 7 p.m., and will consist of
cold readings from the script. Please bring a headshot and resume, and be prepared to read multiple
parts. Sound FX techs, children, and jingle singers have been pre-cast. All other parts are open; most
actors will play multiple roles.

Rehearsals will be held Dec. 8–11, with evening performances Dec. 12–14, and a matinee Sunday, Dec. 15. Important: Contingent on ticket demand, a Saturday matinee could be added. Actors should assume there will also be a performance that afternoon.

Joseph Auditions, September 14-15, 2013


GEORGE BAILEY (Male, age 30s-40s) Affable, much-loved owner of Bailey Building & Loan; a dreamer continually asked to put his dreams on hold for the sake of others. Considers giving up his life to escape a
scandal and save his family.
CLARENCE ODBODY (Male, age 50+) Charming, impish Angel Second Class who, after 200 years, is still
trying to earn his wings.
SUPERINTENDENT (Male or Female, age 40+) Boss of the Angels and narrator of the story; very patient
with the impish Clarence.
MARY HATCH BAILEY (Female, age 30s-40s) George’s wife; sweet girl next door, yet eminently
ANNOUNCER (Male, age 35+) Radio announcer; charismatic emcee with a strong sense of humor
MR. POTTER (Male, age 50+) Warped, old financier; the richest and meanest man in town.
UNCLE BILLY (Male, age 50-70) George’s loveable, absent-minded uncle; a staunch supporter of
VIOLET BICK (Female, age 20s-30s) Town siren with a heart of gold; has had a lifelong crush on George.
SAM WAINWRIGHT (Male, age 30s-40s) Goofy yet successful businessman; boyhood chum of George’s.
POP BAILEY (Male, age 50+) George’s father; soft-spoken, compassionate, understanding.
MA BAILEY (Female, age 50+) George’s long-suffering mother.
HARRY BAILEY (Male, age 20s-30s) George’s brother, an all-American type.
DR. CAMPBELL (Male, age 40+) Bailey Building & Loan board president.
GOWER (Male, age 40+) Tippling pharmacist, shaken from the loss of his young son.
NICK (Male, age 30+) Bartender at Martini’s; has a street-wise sensibility about him.
ERNIE (Male or female, age 30+) Cab driver.
BERT (Male, age 30+) Bedford Falls policeman; friend of Ernie and George.
MARTINI (Male, age 50+) Italian restaurant owner, devoted to George.
COUSIN TILLEY (Female, age 30+) George’s jolly cousin and loan office clerk.
MRS. HATCH (Female, age 40+) Mary’s busybody mother.
TOLL-TAKER (Male or female, age 30+) Bridge toll-taker; practical, sarcastic.