Wheaton Drama holding auditions for Agatha Christie classic

Director Randall W. Knott is looking to assemble a potent cast of ensemble actors for Wheaton Drama’s compelling production of Agatha Christie’s classic thriller “And Then There Were None.”

Auditions will be held Nov. 10-11,, 2013, at 7 p.m. at Playhouse 111, located at 111 N. Hale St. in downtown Wheaton.  Callbacks (if necessary) will be Nov. 12 at 7 p.m.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

The play, also known as “Ten Little Indians,” will run from Jan. 24 through Feb. 16, 2014.  Performances will be Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 p.m., and Sundays at 3 p.m.

The director seeks nine actors (seven men and two women) for the following roles, all requiring a convincing British accent and solid acting — with and without lines:


Anthony Marston: (Early 20s to mid-30s) Young, rich, good-looking playboy who has never wanted for anything.

Emily Brent: (Mid-40s to mid-60s) Deeply religious, sanctimonious, middle-aged spinster.

Vera Claythorne: (Late 20s to early 30s) “Innocent” ingénue type; she is surprisingly cunning.

Philip Lombard: (Late 20s to late 30s) Leading man type; a mercenary who can wiggle out of a scrape.

William Blore:  (Late 40s to early 60s) Former police inspector.  He wasn’t necessarily all that good at his job, but he goes with his convictions — even if they’re wrong.

Judge Lawrence Wargrave: (55 or older) Recently retired judge; calm, intelligent, often cold.

Dr. Edward Armstrong: (35 or older) Good-hearted surgeon with a drinking problem.

General MacKenzie: (60 or older) Surprisingly sentimental military man.

Naracott: (any age) A walk-on role.  Drops the guests at the manor at the beginning of the play, then we don’t see him again.

NOTE:  The roles of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers have been cast.


Pp.8-9 – Naracott, Rogers/Mrs. Rogers

Pp. 10-11 Vera, Lombard:   starting with “You’ve been here before…” to “here’s to you.”

Pp. 16-17 Wargrave, MacKenzie, Rogers:   starting with “Aren’t you going..” to “…please.”

Pp. 18-19 Blore, Armstrong:   Top of 18 to “Mr. Owen isn’t coming.”

Pp. 21-22 Emily, Vera:   Starting with “I should have thought…” to “Nothing.”

Pp. 23-24 Blore, Marston, Armstrong:  Starting with “Absolutely wizard car…” to “Will you have one, Miss Claythorne?”

Pp. 34-35 Wargrave, Blore, Lombard, Vera:  Starting with “Just now…” to “…dangerous homicidal maniac.”

Pp. 36-37 MacKenzie, Marston, Wargrave, Armstrong:  Starting with MacKenzie’s speech to “…Just an accident.”

Pp. 44-45 Armstrong, Blore, Wargrave, MacKenzie:   Starting with “I wonder if that boat’s…” to “How Strange!”

Pp. 55-56 MacKenzie, Vera:  Starting with “Oh, no.” to “…Lesley to come for me.”

P. 57 Vera, Lombard:  Starting with last line on 56 to “I’ll go and finish searching…”

Pp. 58-59 Emily, Vera:   Starting with “Now that we’re alone.” to “…even more horrible.”

Pp. 66-67 Blore, Armstrong, Lombard:  Starting very bottom of 66 to “Yes, quite.”

Pp. 72-73 Armstrong, Blore, Wargrave, Lombard:  starting with “You’re quite wrong..” to “down will come cradle…”

P. 75.  Vera, Blore, Armstrong, Lombard, Wargrave:   whole page top to bottom

There will also be monologues from the following characters:

Blore:  Pp. 50-51 big paragraph

MacKenzie:  P. 55 big speech starting in middle of page, ignoring Vera’s “oh, no.”

Vera:  P. 89 starting first monologue paragraph and ending with “before I could get him” ignoring Lombard’s line in the middle.

Wargrave:  his confession on pages 90-91.

If you have any questions, please call director Randall W. Knott at (630) 728-9953 and leave a message.  He will return your call as soon as possible.