Dance Classes

Gotta sing? Gotta dance?
Gotta a little problem with the latter?
Or maybe you want to try something new? We’ve got the class for
you!! Join us for a four week exploratory dance class where we’ll try out for different styles of dancing!

Week One, February 23,
7.30 on the stage – Strength and Conditioning
The most basic necessity for being successful at any level of difficulty for dance is to have a strong core. Come take this class to build a strong core. Class will include basic stretches, floor exercises and tasks that all help to achieve strength in the muscles.

Two, March 2, 7.30 on the stage – Ballet
One of the oldest forms of dance is ballet. Class will include basic to moderate skills that not only improve your dance ability, but also contributes to a great posture and centering of the body. Barre exercises, across the floor and center adagios will be the main focus of this class.

Three, March 9, 7.30 on the stage – Jazz
Jazz is a fun, energetic and lively form of dance that is as fun to participate in as it is to watch. Come learn across the floor exercises and small combinations in this class! Up tempo music, style and vitality will be the biggest factors in this class that is sure to be a blast

Week Four, March 16, 7.30 location TBA –
Musical Theatre
Over the years, iconic pieces have been performed on
stages across the world. Come take a chance and learn how to incorporate dance ability with acting and singing with some of the most well-known music theater songs.

Class Fee: $40 WDI Members
$45 Non-Members
This is an adults only class.
Class size is limited to 20 students so  call our ticket line at 630.260.1820 to register.