Audition Notice: Rabbit Hole

Director Chuck Bergland will hold auditions for Rabbit Hole on Nov. 22 & 23 at 7 PM at Wheaton Drama’s Playhouse 111, 111 North Hale Street in Wheaton.
Callbacks (if needed) will be held November 24.

All the characters in the play are dealing with the accidental death of Becca and Howie’s 4 year son, Danny. They all use coping devices to manage their grief. It may sound heavy and it is at times but humor is used frequently as a powerful coping device.

BECCA – The Wife -late thirties/early forties ( trying to move on after the accidental death of her 4 year old son but too many reminders shatter what fragile self-control she has left.)
IZZY – Her Sister – early thirties (wild with men and partying in her youth and twenties but finally trying to settle down and take a more mature and responsible approach to life now that she’s 30.)
HOWIE – Her Husband – late thirties/early forties (dealing better with the loss of his son than his wife but getting back to a routine and supporting his wife may be rushed while he grieves in private.)
NAT – Her and Izzy’s Mother – mid-sixties (grandmother who is attempting to find a rational, logical and comforting answer for herself and daughter to the tragedy but many of her good intentions backfire.)

JASON – The Boy – seventeen years old (bright, sensitive high school student who writes science fiction good enough to be published in the school lit magazine while trying to manage his sense of guilt.)