Cast Announcement: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

“First, I’d like to thank all of the wonderful folks who came out to audition for ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’. A great group of folks came out to audition. I hope you found the audition process as much fun as I did. I am happy to announce the cast of WDI’s The Mystery of Edwin Drood!”

In Order of Appearance:
William Cartwright, Chairman: Stan Austin
Jane Throttle, Stage Manager: Yvette Herczeg
John Jasper: Matt Whalen
Edwin Drood: Meg McGarry
Rosa Bud: Sophia Vitello
Wendy: Terri Crain Goodman
Beatrice: Heidi Schultz
Helena Landless: Lillian Perez
Neville Landless: Carrington Breckenridge
The Reverend, Mr. Crisparkle: Mike Boyna
The Princess Puffer: Pam Turlow
Durdles: Zachary Gibson
Deputy: Christopher Picchione
Flo: Toria Hollyn
Horace: Steve Schroeder
Bazzard: Jack Corkery

There were 38 talented people who auditioned for these sixteen roles, and Wheaton Drama thanks everyone who came out to auditions. The audience plays an important role in this production – they get to vote and select which ending they would like to see. Be sure to order your tickets early. Call: 630-260-1820 or order online.