The Mystery of Edwin Drood Opens To Great Success at Wheaton Drama!

Audiences flocked to Wheaton Drama to see the musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood on the weekend of May 20th, not knowing what to expect…and they found themselves actively participating in this wild and highly theatrical story! The audiences became part of the zany plot twists, noted the thought provoking clues, interacted with characters in emotionally charged relationships, and ultimately, voted on the ending! This created a rich story for each night, and produced a unique ending to each performance – a great experience in which the audience not only enjoyed themselves, but actively helped produce! Tickets are going fast — DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW !!!

How Will It End?
Wheaton Drama invites you to find out as we present The Mystery of Edwin Drood at Playhouse 111 in downtown Wheaton with a wonderfully talented cast including: Stan Austin, Mike Boyna, Carrington Breckenridge, Jack Corkery, Zachary Gibson, Terri Crain Goodman, Yvette Herczeg, Toria Hollyn, Meg McGarry, Lillian Perez, Christopher Picchione, Heidi Schultz, Pam Turlow, Sophia Vitello, and Matt Whalen.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood will be presented May 20th through June 12th. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday performances begin at 8:00 p.m. and at 3:00 p.m. on Sundays. For ticket information go to or call 630-260-1820.