Auditions for Shrek, the Musical

Youth auditions (ages 10-16): Saturday, August 27 – 1:00pm and 2:00pm

Adult auditions (ages 17+): Sunday/Monday, August 28/29 – 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00pm

Callbacks as necessary: Tuesday, August 30 – 7:00pm

Auditions are by appointment only, but we will accept walk-ins if space is available

Performance Dates: November 18 – December 11, 2016

Shrek The Musical is a PG-rated fairy tale for the entire family about the value of being yourself and accepting others for being themselves. It tells the story of a swamp-dwelling ogre who goes on a life-changing adventure to reclaim the deed to his land. Joined by a wise-cracking donkey, this unlikely hero fights a fearsome dragon, rescues a feisty princess and learns that real friendship and true love aren’t only found in fairy tales. All ages and ethnicities are encouraged to audition. Director Mike Boyna is looking for a varied, flexible, energetic cast of 18-24 people to play roughly 50 roles. Exact ages are less important than how you read, dance, sing, follow instructions, and bring your best to the process.

1-hour time slots will include:

Music: (Music Director Amy Brockman). Prepare 16 bars of an up-tempo song highlighting your range and personality. Bring your own sheet music; accompanist will be provided. No a cappella singing. Please – no songs from the show at the initial auditions. You may be asked to learn/sing a show song as part of callbacks.

Dance: (Choreographer Katy Smith) Wear comfortable clothes for dance, and be prepared to learn two short combinations in different styles. Also, two pre-audition dance workshops will be offered: Sunday/Monday, August 21, 22; times/locations TBD. These are entirely voluntary opportunities; if you don’t participate, it won’t affect your chances of being cast. Workshops will follow the format of a full dance class, with warm-up, combination and across-the-floor work, and cool down. Combinations learned will include the audition selection.

Readings: (Director Mike Boyna / A.D. Christine Pfenninger). Cold readings from the script. Aside from the 4 main characters there is a wide variety of character roles, so although you may not be asked to read for a specific role, it doesn’t mean you can’t be cast in that role(s). We will be looking mainly for energy, versatility and fearlessness from performers in the group reading section.

There are also various puppets in the production that will be operated by cast members

Email two choices of audition day/time to [email protected]. You will receive a confirmation with your audition date/time and exact location, along with an audition form. On your audition form, please list any special skills: tumbling, juggling, burping the alphabet, etc. Since these are all fairy tale characters, be prepared to demonstrate any special character voices in your toolbox (high, low, various accents, etc.).

Single character roles:

Shrek (Male, 25-45, Tenor/Baritone) the ogre: big, green, and scary…but only when he thinks being scary is fun.

Donkey (Male, 20-40, Tenor) the sidekick; requires a vocally and comically gifted actor

Fiona (Female, 25-35, Soprano) the princess; smart, sassy, strong. Tap dancing involved.

Lord Farquaad (Male, 25-45, Baritone), the villain. This character plays the entire show on his knees – in a special costume. A physically demanding role.


All other actors play multiple roles, including these fairy tale characters.

Age-specific roles:

Young Shrek (M, 8-10)

Mama and Papa Ogre (20s-40s)

King Harold and Queen Lillian, (20s-40s)

Young Fiona (F, 8-10, soprano)

Teen Fiona (F, 14-18, soprano)

Dragon (Female, 25-45, Soulful Alto) There are 2 additional female roles that sing as part of the dragon

Pinocchio (Male/Female, 15-25, Soprano/Mezzo, Alto/Tenor, Treble/Boy Soprano)

Big Bad Wolf (Male, 30s-50s)

Characters that can be any age:

Female roles

Sugar Plum Fairy / Gingy (Sugar Plum Fairy will operate and provide voice for Gingy puppet), Fairy Godmother, Wicked Witch, three blind mice (these three sing as a trio), Mama Bear

Male roles

Papa Bear, Captain, Old Knights (3-4), Pied Piper, bishop.

Male or female roles:

White Rabbit, Three Little Pigs (German accents), Peter Pan, Ugly Duckling, Baby Bear, Mad Hatter, Humpty Dumpty, guards (4-6), dancing rats (4-8)