Casting for “The Elephant Man”

Director Sean Ogren and Assistant Director Suzanne Ogren are pleased to announce the cast for “The Elephant Man” at Wheaton Drama. We appreciate all those who came to audition.
The cast:
Peter Lemongelli as Treves
Christopher Williams as Merrick
Lisa Dawn Curran as Kendal
Lars Timpa as Gomm
Ric Holloman as Ross/Porter
Dave Amato as Bishop/Pinhead Manager/ Belgian Policeman / Conductor
Michael Albrow as Lord John/ Belgium Policeman/ London Policeman/ Snort / Voice
Erin Dameron as Pinhead 1/ Duchess/ nurse
Mary Kuhn as Pinhead 2/Countess/ Sandwich/ nurse
Jennifer Barber as Pinhead 3/ Princess/ nurse