Cast announced for ‘The Producers’

Director Craig Gustafson proudly announces the cast of the hilarious musical comedy, “The Producers,” running May 26 through June 18.

The cast is as follows:

Max Bialystock — Ken Kaden

Leo Bloom — Benedict L. Slabik II

Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-Hallen Svaden-Svanson — Heather

Franz Liebkind — Lars Timpa

Roger DeBris — Mark A. Hutchison

Carmen Ghia — Steven Krage

Usherette 2 (Others) — Lauren Bass

Donald Dinsmore (Others) — Joe Billquist

Lick Me, Bite Me (Others) — Breanna Ghostone

First Nun (Others) — Abigail Hamilton

Springtime for Hitler Tenor (Others) — Scott Kelley

Hold Me, Touch Me, Pretzel Girl (Others) — Aimee Kennedy

O’Houlihan (Others) —  TBA

Beer Girl (Others) — Emma Lanners

Mr. Marks, Jason Green (Others) — Jim Martin

Kiss Me, Feel Me (Others) — Kate McIlvain

Judge (Others) — Anthony Mele

Shirley Markowitz, Sausage Girl (Others) — Heather Miller

Valkyrie Girl (Others) — TBA

Jack Lepidus (Others) — Jeff Pripusich

Trustee (Others) — Alex Rogers