WDI announces ‘Sense & Sensibility’ cast

The production team of Production Manager Elyse Willis and Director Randall W. Knott is pleased to announce the cast of “Sense and Sensibility,” opening Nov. 17. We had many, many outstanding candidates audition, making decisions very difficult, and we thank each and every one of you for your time honoring us with your audition.

We further wish to thank “hired readers” Annie Walker-Bright, Ken Kaden, and Rob Reinalda for doing such excellent work with all our candidates. Thanks also to Kate McIlvain, Steve Schroeder, and Mike Boyna for serving as audition hosts in our lobby, and being ambassadors for Wheaton Drama.

Whew. Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the following cast:

Elinor Dashwood = Elizabeth Thompson;
Marianne Dashwood = Mary McCormack;
Mrs. Jennings = Annie Walker-Bright;
Colonel Brandon = Aaron Hoge;
Edward Ferrars = Alex Small;
Mrs. Henry Dashwood = Meg McGarry;
Willoughby = Eric Traphagen;
Lucy Steele = Lynda Wellhausen;
Mr. John Dashwood = Jake Seelye;
Mrs. John (Fanny) Dashwood = Sarah Atkinson;
Sir John Middleton (and others) = Stan Austin;
Lady Middleton (and others) = Jean Austin;
Robert Ferrars (and others) = Jake Murphy;