COMPANY Closing June 17

Wheaton Drama finishes off their 2017/18 Season with COMPANY; Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and Book by George Furth. Audiences have given rave reviews since the show’s opening on May 25, highlighting the musicality, acting, & heart given by each performer of the ensemble cast of  14 actors

But a show would be nothing without the vision of its director. COMPANY director Pam Turlow shared some of her thoughts about her vision, the material & her hope for audiences in a recent interview.

Speaking of her vision for the show, Turlow shared, “In [this] production, each encounter [the main character] Bobby has teaches him one more thing about relationships. We’ll see Bobby grow from a man afraid of really connecting to a man who is truly ready to be vulnerable, to give and receive love.”

Turlow chose to set the production in 1970, “at the tail end of the 60s – a decade that reshaped the world and gave us a paradigm shift about relationships.” She has collaborated with her design team & dramaturg to immerse the audience in the year 1970 through art, clothing, hair, & movement. Dramaturg Rebecca Munoz also provided background information on the era, available to audiences before & after the show in the lobby.

Turlow’s hope for audiences enjoying COMPANY is one of vulnerability & self-understanding. “If you are willing to be vulnerable, to open yourself up to things new and different and (maybe) scary,” she encourages, “you might just find that brilliant light inside.”

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