2022–2023 Audition Schedule

Wheaton Drama is proud to announce its audition schedule for the 2022–2023 Season. Save the date information is listed below for each of the shows, and more information about time, place and requirements for each show are forthcoming on our website and social media. Mark your calendars now–and join us in making the 2022/2023 Season at Wheaton Drama remarkable!

Sister Act
July 10 & 12   callbacks July 13

Director: Kevin Taylor | Music Director: Douglas Orlyk | Production Manager: Mike Boyna
Show Dates: September 16, 2022–October 9, 2022

Sister Act is the feel-good musical comedy based on the 1992 film, with original music by Alan Menken. When disco diva Deloris Van Cartier witnesses a murder, she’s placed in protective custody where she won’t be found: a convent. Disguised as a nun, she finds herself at odds with the rigid lifestyle of Mother Superior. Using her unique talents, Deloris breathes new life into the church and community, blowing her cover. Will Deloris and her newly found sisterhood be a match when the murderer shows up?

Alan Menken’s A Christmas Carol
September 18, 19  callbacks September 20

C0-Directors: Bruce Ebner and Linda Spadlowski
Show Dates: November 25, 2022–December 18, 2022

Celebrate the joy of sharing Christmas together with this spirited musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.” The cruel miser Ebenezer Scrooge forsakes all gestures of goodwill and companionship to pass yet another Christmas alone. Three spirits will offer him a chance for salvation but can he open his heart to their message before it’s too late? With music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens, this heart-warming musical is sure to become a family favorite!

Holmes and Watson
November 13 & 14  callbacks November 15

Holmes & Watson – Spring 2023 – Audition Announcement

Director: Kevin Loeper | Show Dates: January 20, 2023–February 12, 2023

Sherlock Holmes is dead. Or so it is assumed. The world knows the great detective went over the falls at Reichenbach with his nemesis Professor Moriarty. But as Holmes’ body was never retrieved, a number of frauds, fakes, and charlatans have come forward to lay claim to his identity. Now, a telegram from a remote asylum arrives informing Watson of another three men, each claiming to be Holmes. Could one of these mad men be the real Sherlock Holmes?

January 22 & 23   callbacks January 24

Director: Stan Austin | Show Dates: March 17, 2023–April 2, 2023

The unlikely true life love story between noted British Christian author C.S. (Jack) Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) and American writer Joy Gresham, who happens to be both Jewish and divorced. When Joy and her son come into his life, Lewis is forced to approach everything, including his personal faith in God, from his heart, not his mind.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
March 19 & 20  callbacks March 22

Director: Mike Boyna | Musical Director: Amy Brockman | Choreographer: Kate McIlvain | Production Manager: Randy Knott
Show Dates: May 19, 2023–June 11, 2023

A distant heir to a family fortune sets out to speed up his ascent to the top of the line of succession by using a great deal of charm…and a dash of murder. This merry madcap musical showcases 11 performers inhabiting a total of 91 characters. A fast, felonious, fun-filled frolic!