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Our Mission

WDI is a caring, all volunteer organization dedicated to improving the cultural life in our community by providing quality theatre to our patrons and a creative rewarding experience to our members.
Adopted by the Board of Governors, May 20, 2009

The following general policies for members have been reviewed and approved by the Wheaton Drama Board, 2010.

Our Wheaton Drama Member Code of Conduct (revised 7/15/2018) is available here: Wheaton Drama Inc Code of Conduct revised 7-15-18

Member Participation

Each WDI member is expected to work on the production phase of at least one public production during the year.

Alcohol Usage

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted during rehearsals or productions.

Smoking, Eating and Drinking

With the exception of certain designated occasions, such as the progressive dinner or Colby Awards, consumption of tobacco products, food or liquids (aside from water) are strictly prohibited on the stage or in the audience seating area. Food and beverages may be consumed in the green room provided any leftovers are disposed of in the dumpster at the back of the theatre following each performance.

Pagers and Cell Phones

All communication devices should be silenced during productions.

Cameras and Recording Devices

Motion cameras and recording devices are prohibited during performances and rehearsals by our contracts with publishers. Still photography is permitted during rehearsals.

Directors and Production Managers

It is very important that the Facilities Governor and the Operations Chair be informed of the needs for your production.  They are familiar with WDI’s inventory as well as where outside sources are located.  Please invite the Operations Chair to your first production meeting.

When working on your rehearsal schedule it is important for you to know that the production staff needs more than a cue to cue rehearsal the week before opening.  Please schedule a full tech rehearsal on either the Saturday or Sunday before tech week with all of the actors present.  It is necessary for the actors to be in place so that sound and lights can stop and set levels and work scene changes as needed. This rehearsal will enable costumes and props to anticipate any problems and adapt appropriately before going into “hell” week.

Please do not schedule rehearsals on the evening before each general meeting (held the third Tuesday of each month) when the theatre must be available for rehearsals of the reading that is to be performed at the meeting.

Please do not schedule rehearsals on the same evenings as monthly general membership meetings. Please encourage your cast members to attend membership meetings.

A budget for musical director and musicians in any musical production must be presented to and approved by the Board of Directors before any commitment to these people may be made.

Rentals and Loans

Wheaton Drama has an agreement with VTG that we will loan major props to one another at no charge.

Property belonging to Wheaton Drama’s may be rented to not-for-profits at a charge to be determined by the Op Staff Chair in charge of said property.  They will take into consideration what said property would cost to replace or rent from other sources.  A deposit is required and will be returned when item is returned in good condition.  The cost for any repairs will be deducted from the deposit.   The rental charge will be collected before the item leaves the theatre.   Rentals to for-profit groups will follow same criteria, but at a fee comparable to other rental facilities.

If any equipment or properties are being used for the current or next show, the items will not be loaned or rented out under any circumstances.

Members wishing to borrow WDI property for their personal use are encouraged to make a donation to WDI to compensate the Op Staff person’s time and effort.  A deposit is required and will be returned when said property is returned in good condition.

No one may remove WDI property from Playhouse 111 without the express permission of the Op Staff Chair in charge.

Loaning Items to WD

If an item loaned to WDI for a show is damaged or lost then financial remuneration will be offered to replace or repair the item.  Financial remuneration for said item will be charged against the show in which the item was used.


Any member who has properties, costumes, furniture or other materials which they wish to donate to WDI, should contact the Operating Staff Chair delegated to that specific area.  The Op Staff Chair has the authority to appropriately dispose of any equipment or property donations that are made without prior approval. The Treasurer has a supply of tax receipts, available upon request.


 Members are encouraged to invite guests to general meetings or social functions.  No guest fee is required for general meetings, but the guest should be introduced to the Membership Chair. If you know of someone interested in joining Wheaton Drama, please contact the Membership Chair. If you have guests attending a show who would like to receive information about future productions, please remind them to add their names to the mailing list in the lobby.

Emergency Phone Number

The emergency phone number for Playhouse 111 is (630) 260-1928


WDI maintains a library of plays and theatre literature.  Anyone interested in borrowing from the library should contact the Librarian.

Legal and Auditing functions

Legal and independent auditing functions shall only be provided by non-members of WDI.


Each member is free to present suggestions or criticisms to the President, the Membership Chair, or to any Board Member.