November 16th–December 9th, 2018

Silent Laughter

a play by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore

Talk is cheap. Put your custard pie where your mouth is.

Silent Laughter is a live-action silent movie slapstick comedy onstage. The trials and tribulations of a young man in New York in 1917 as he attempts to survive angry cops, a hissable villain, World War I and a pie fight in order to get the girl. If you pine for the days of Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and Mabel Normand, this is the show for you.

Cast of Characters
Billy (The Hero)Jake Murphy
Ruth (The Heroine)Mackenzie Grattan
Billy’s Pal (Billy’s Pal)Peter Lemongelli
Lionel Drippinwithit (Billy’s Arch-Enemy)Matt Hellyer
Sarge (Billy’s Nemesis)Steve Schroeder
Max the Thug Brewster Thickwad III Maitre D’/NewsboySage Brown
Max’s Dame Lovestruck Woman Office Girl Cop Prisoner Recruiter Old One-Armed Man Enemy Soldier BridesmaidAmanda Fisher
Man With Fruitcake Lovestruck Man Worker Cop Prisoner SoldierDave Amato
Priest Vendor Janitor Dowager Butler Old Bearded ManKen Kaden
Singing Waiter Drunk Fat Lady Worker Cop Prisoner Soldier BakerAndy Kanturek
Creative Team
directed byCraig Gustafson
production managerElyse Willis

Photos by Ken Beach