January 20, 2023–February 12, 2023

7:30pm Thurs/Fri/Sat evening | 2pm Sun

Holmes and Watson

a play by Jeffrey Hatcher

The game is afoot!

Sherlock Holmes is dead. Or so it is assumed. The world knows the great detective went over the falls at Reichenbach with his nemesis Professor Moriarty. But as Holmes’ body was never retrieved, a number of frauds, fakes, and charlatans have come forward to lay claim to his identity. Now, a telegram from a remote asylum arrives informing Watson of another three men, each claiming to be Holmes. Could one of these mad men be the real Sherlock Holmes?

Two performances of Holmes and Watson will be ASL (American Sign Language) interpreted for the deaf and hard of hearing:

  • Sunday 1/29
  • Friday 2/3

Produced by permission of Dramatists Play Service, Inc.

Cast of Characters
GomezKen Kaden
MorticiaTracy Kay
WednesdayJulia Roskopf
PugsleyAli Martin
FesterGlenn Leslie
GrandmamaKaty Smith
LurchStuart Vance
Mal BienkeJim Martin
Alice BienkeKate Loeffler
Lucas BienkeMitch Karmis
Addams AncestorsJackson Gabel
Gretchen Gannon
Ed Garzaro
Drew Hartzell
Yvette Herczeg
Andy Kanturek
Renee Kosiarek
Elise Lech
Mike Placzek
Jessica Pouranfar
Geoffery Rommel
Bella Starmach
Riley Tomes
Lauren Werkmeister
Lauren Wood
Creative Team
directed byKevin Loeper
production managerRandall W. Knott

Photos by Ken Beach