Auditions for Seven Keys to Baldpate

Wheaton Drama Inc. invites you to audition for Seven Keys to Baldpate, the thrilling mystery melodrama based on the novel by Earl Derr Biggers and adapted for the stage by George M. Cohan, the theatrical sensation remembered by history as “the man who owned Broadway” and as composer of enduring melodies such as “Over There,” “Give My Regards to Broadway,” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Seven Keys to Baldpate is a classic of the American theater that will delight and astonish audiences with its spirited ingenuity.     

The Owner of Baldpate Inn challenges writer William Hallowell Magee to complete his new novel within 24 hours in the isolation of a summer inn; now closed for winter. Armed with his typewriter and the only known key to Baldpate Inn, Magee is confident of easily completing the task and winning the $5,000 prize. But Baldpate Inn holds many secrets and during the night Magee’s work will be disrupted by several mysterious strangers-each with their own key!     

Audition Dates

  • Sunday November 12th 1:00-4:30pm
  • Monday November 13th 6:30-9:00pm
  • Callbacks: Tuesday November 14th 6:30-9:00pm


Wheaton Public Library Room 2B
225 N. Cross Street Wheaton 60187

Key Dates

  • Cast Read Through: Saturday November 18th at 12:00-3:00pm at the theater
  • Rehearsals: Sunday-Thursday Evenings
  • Tech Week: January 21st-25th 2024
  • Show Run: January 26th-February 18th 2024


Please prepare a 1:30-2 minute monologue to perform for your audition. Audition forms may be found at Seven Keys Audition Form. Contact Wheaton Drama at [email protected] to schedule your audition and submit your completed audition form, resume, and headshot/photo (or if you have questions).  Auditions will be scheduled by appointment at 10-minute intervals. Please specify two choices of audition times.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.  Walk-ins will be heard if time permits and video submissions will be accepted. Callbacks will be conducted as needed and by invitation only. 

All roles are available for consideration and all actors are strongly encouraged to apply for any role.


  • Elijah Quimby  The caretaker of Baldpate Inn. Hard-working and plain-spoken countryman; highly suspicious of the strange goings on at Baldpate Inn.
  • William Hallowell Magee  The novelist. Devil may care society man and author of popular melodramas known for his quick wit and joie de vivre. Eager to win his wager and prove he is capable of writing the next great American novel but secretly loves the sensational fiction that has made his name.
  • John Bland The millionaire’s right hand man. Quiet and unremarkable factotum with dangerous hidden depths. Ambitious, resourceful, and cool under pressure. He has a businessman’s appreciation for expediency even at the cost of human life.
  • Peters The Hermit of Baldpate. A misanthropic wild man who enjoys masquerading as the ghost of Baldpate and takes great pleasure in the misery of others. A law unto himself and a friend to no one.
  • Lou Max The Ex-Con. An emotionally unstable criminal who acts as “man Friday” to Mayor Cargan and foolishly tries to play outside of his league. Frequent associate and former lover of the blackmailer Myra Thornhill, his first language is violence.
  • Jim Cargan The crooked Mayor of Reuton. Equally at home in New York society and the criminal underworld, Cargan will play every advantage to secure the highest payday. A man of great pride who worked his way up in the world through ruthless determination and a disregard for the law. Seeking legitimacy through social connections and deeply invested in the appearance of success.
  • Thomas Hayden The President of the Suburban Railroad. A wealthy and hot-tempered entrepreneur willing to take great risks for the expansion of power. Firmly established among the elite of New York, his arrogance will lead him into uneasy alliances with dangerous criminals.
  • Jiggs Kennedy Chief of Police of Asquewan Falls. Jovial and trusted family man with many unexciting years served as protector of a quiet mountain town. When danger threatens Baldpate Inn, he will recognize a chance for some longed for excitement.
  • Cop #2/Swing Police Officer of Asquewan Falls. The actor cast in this role will act as swing/understudy for all male characters. 


  • Mrs. Quimby The caretaker’s wife. Dutiful, hardworking, and highly superstitious, she maintains a conventional attitude towards life even when her own actions run in direct contradiction to her philosophy.
  • Mary Norton The newspaper reporter. Beautiful, charming, career driven writer hungry for a good story and the chance to make her mark in the world. Shrewdly decides to cover the Baldpate wager but is pleasantly distracted by her personal interest in the challenger.
  • Mrs. Rhodes The charming widow. Refined society lady with an ambitious eye towards advancement in the world of politics and eager for a last chance at love. Highly sensitive and prone to hysterics, Mrs. Rhodes acts as chaperone to Mary but proves more than capable of minding her own interests.
  • Myra Thornhill The blackmailer. Alluring career criminal loyal only to herself she can turn on a dime from a husky voiced temptress to a bold and brassy, tough as nails dame. In spite of her actions, she holds her own code of ethics and freely speaks her mind.
  • Cop #1/Swing Police Officer of Asquewan Falls. The actor cast in this role will act as swing/understudy for all female characters.  

Either Gender

  • Hal Bentley The Owner of Baldpate Inn. Attractive, wealthy, and free-spirited, Bentley can afford to direct all energy into the cultivation of a good time especially if it affords the chance to best a clever friend.     

Seven Keys to Baldpate Creative Team

  • Producer Joni Kotche
  • Director Linda Spadlowski
  • Assistant Director Kate Quan
  • Stage Manager Bruce Ebner
  • Stage Manager Julie Kanturek
  • Lights Jim Van De Velde
  • Sound Tom French
  • Set Construction Bruce Ebner
  • Scenic Design Linda Spadlowski
  • Visual Design Andy Kanturek
  • Set Decorator Katy Smith
  • Props Manager Lisa Baggott-Miller
  • Props Manager Cynthia Bolds
  • Hair/Make-up Elizabeth Rowe
  • Costumes Mark Burrows
  • Fight Choreographer/Armorer Andrew Trygstad
  • Intimacy Choreographer Claire Yearman
  • Dramaturgist Morgan Dietkus
  • Photographer Katy Zimmerman
  • Board Liaison Kim Lambert-Haak