Seven Keys to Baldpate

01.26 – 02.28.24

7:30pm Thurs/Fri/Sat evening | 2pm Sun

Seven Keys to Baldpate

a play by George M. Cohen

Love lets your spirits depart!

We meet novelist Billy Magee who has made a bet that he can write a 10,000 word story in just 24 hours. He retires to a summer mountain resort, Baldpate Inn, in the dead of winter, locking himself in with what he believes is the sole key. Throughout the night, he is visited by a succession of melodramatic types, including a corrupt politician, a crooked cop, a hermit, a feisty female reporter, & a gang of criminals. To Billy’s surprise, there actually appear to be seven keys to Baldpate… Written in 1913 by George M. Cohan of American Song Book fame —The Yankee Doodle Boy, You’re a Grand Old Flag, & Over There to name a few —Seven Keys to Baldpate is a comedic mystery play full of melodrama, satire & farce with twists, turns, & laughs that audiences are sure to love!

Cast of Characters
GomezKen Kaden
MorticiaTracy Kay
WednesdayJulia Roskopf
PugsleyAli Martin
FesterGlenn Leslie
GrandmamaKaty Smith
LurchStuart Vance
Mal BienkeJim Martin
Alice BienkeKate Loeffler
Lucas BienkeMitch Karmis
Addams AncestorsJackson Gabel
Gretchen Gannon
Ed Garzaro
Drew Hartzell
Yvette Herczeg
Andy Kanturek
Renee Kosiarek
Elise Lech
Mike Placzek
Jessica Pouranfar
Geoffery Rommel
Bella Starmach
Riley Tomes
Lauren Werkmeister
Lauren Wood
Creative Team
directed byLinda Spadlowski
production managerJoni Kotche

Photos by Ken Beach