Seven Keys to Baldpate Cast Announcement

Seven Keys to Baldpate

Wheaton Drama is pleased to announce the cast for Seven Keys to Baldpate which runs from January 26 to February 18.

  • Elijah Quimby—Thomas Rieser
  • Mrs. Quimby—Jean Austin
  • William Hallowell Magee—Dave Amato
  • John Bland—Rusty Steiger
  • Mary Norton—Kelsey Summers
  • Mrs. Rhodes—Kimberly Brumirski
  • Peters—Howard A. Raik
  • Myra Thornhill—Cassi Fanelli
  • Lou Max—Tom Walker
  • Jim Cargan—Bill Chamberlain
  • Thomas Hayden—William Lyons
  • Jiggs Kennedy—Sam Buonomo
  • Hal Bentley, the Owner of Baldpate—Camellia Lee
  • Cop #1—Pat Daly

Seven Keys to Baldpate Creative Team

  • Producer Joni Kotche
  • Director Linda Spadlowski
  • Assistant Director Kate Quan
  • Stage Manager Bruce Ebner
  • Stage Manager Julie Kanturek
  • Lights Jim Van De Velde
  • Sound Tom French
  • Set Construction Bruce Ebner
  • Scenic Design Linda Spadlowski
  • Visual Design Andy Kanturek
  • Set Decorator Katy Smith
  • Props Manager Lisa Baggott-Miller
  • Props Manager Cynthia Bolds
  • Hair/Make-up Elizabeth Rowe
  • Costumes Mark Burrows
  • Fight Choreographer/Armorer Andrew Trygstad
  • Intimacy Choreographer Claire Yearman
  • Dramaturgist Morgan Dietkus
  • Photographer Katy Zimmerman
  • Board Liaison Kim Lambert-Haak