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Wheaton Drama in the News

Wheaton Drama has been making headlines in the papers and in ciritc’s blogs lately for our production of 1776. We’re heading into our final weekend of the show, and there’s a chance you can still get tickets! Here’s some of the buzz abotu 1776, as well as some news about Wheaton Drama’s other events…

June 16, 2011June 16, 2011by In Shows

Pictures of All My Sons

Arthur Miller’s All My Sons is often described of as a portrait of the family and of the working class. Something that grand can’t be captured on a simple web page. We do, however, have some pictures from that portrait to share with you….


All My Sons – All over the news!

All My Sons is getting quite a bit of news attention – no mean feat during an election season! Here are some of the articles about the show, the actors, and the theatrical process.

March 21, 2011March 21, 2011by In Shows